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Rwanda – Ironman 70.3

Rwanda is approximately the size of the U.S. state of Maryland. It sits south of the equator in central Africa. This landlocked country is bordered by Burundi to the south, Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the north, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
Known as the “land of a thousand hills,” Rwanda’s landscape is mostly hilly and mountainous. The Virunga Mountains, located in the northwest part of Rwanda, contain the country’s highest peak, Karisimbi, which reaches 15,000 feet.
Two major African rivers, the Nile and the Congo, flow through Rwanda. Lake Kivu is the country’s largest lake (and Africa’s sixth largest) and separates Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. At its deepest point, Lake Kivu plunges 722 feet (220 meters) below the surface. Many people live on the shores of Lake Kivu and fish its water.

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